Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hi All, Welcome to Opp Maggie Style!

A brief introduction about myself

Name: Maggie

Occupation: Reporting and Processing Person at Financial Services Firm

City of residence: Sydney, Australia

Hobbies: Reading, shopping (both online and in-store), watching historical documentaries, watching tv, wasting lots and lots of time at work reading wikipedia articles, cooking, thinking about food and eating food.

Why I created this blog: to have a bit of fun and compile and write things I love and am interested in. I can't say that that this blog has a particular theme to it, it is more of a forum where I would like to share things that I find interesting, and being an eternally curious person (I already mentioned the wikipedia obsession) I am bound to share random facts with you all. I describe myself as a simple, down to earth person who loves a good laugh;
Having a full time desk job I am bound to look at stuff on the internet to take a break from the Excel Spreadsheets that I need to look at all day.

At this point I want to make sure that this blog is just a collection of funny finds to have a quick laugh; so if you are having an annoying day or something is frustrating you I hope you can come here and have a quick chuckle and forget about your troubles; because I need to have a good laugh everyday or else I would scream my head off!

Ultimate mission of my blog is to have something for every potential reader to be interested in, whether its my jokes page or articles I have collected, or something random that I have written. And yes I love doing the Gangnam style dance!

Please feel free to comment with any questions or feedback or what you would like to post up, and I will endeavour to answer them to the best of my ability!

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